Inspirational Journey: Homeless Puppy Finds Friendship and Hope, Sparking a Mission for a Loving Home

The man, who came the second in the competition befriended with the puppy 🐶❤️👨‍🦰

A homeless puppy named Gobi participated in a 250 kilometers ultramarathon in China and also made friends with one of the other participants named Dion Leonard. Dion has now started a campaign to return the sweet dog back to his residence.

Dion went to China to participate in the marathon for the first time.

And during the race Dion saw the puppy walking in the field. The participants saw the puppy on the first day when she began running behind them and at first they named her Tinto then renamed Gobi.

Dion told, that the puppy joined him on the second day and ran with him toward the Tian Shan mountain range. The day before the puppy also ran with them towards one of the largest sand dunes in China with all the competitors, but that day she considered to be with Dion.

The man also told, that the puppy was clearly awesome. She is a kind creature with a big heart. She waits for the man for almost 20 or 30 meters down the road and then goes ahead.

The dog completed four of the six races of the competition in a week and Dion told about the need to tale the Gobi over a section of the river.

And he felt the strong bond between them.

Dion was the second in the race with almost 101 other cyclists and Gobi ran 80 miles.

After the race Dion called his wife to talk about adopting the dog. But it will take a long time to Gobi to finally join Dion.

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