Heartwarming Friendship: Farmer Saves Injured Andean Condor, Forms Unbreakable Bond“

He remembers the home of his rescuer 🥹🥹

Few people know about Andean condors, who live in Argentina. They are giant creatures and can even reach 15kg.

But luckily they are not an endangered species and according to many specialists, their number is increasing. One of them was saved thanks to a kind man named Edgardo.

One day he was on his farm as usual when spotted a condor fallen on the ground not so far from his area. He approached him to see what was wrong and found out that the little creature was injured.

The kind farmer hurried to take him to his farm without hesitation and provided him with all the appropriate treatment and care.

After being completely cured, the huge creature learned to live in the wild, with the help of his savior, of course.

So after a short time Condorito, the condor, was ready to return to his habitat and live in freedom.

Although now he lives in the wild, he never forgets his rescuer and what he did for him and keeps visiting him frequently. They kiss and cuddle each other, then he returns to his habitat again.

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