Heartwarming Friendship: Devoted Dog Cody Safely Guides Little Sister to School, Carrying Her Bag with Love

How gentle he is! 🐶❤️👧

Cody is a loving and devoted dog, who is very careful towards his little sister. When he was first brought to the family, the girl was small and he was just a puppy. Since the first day they have created a very strong bond.

Once the granny recorded a very exciting scene of a dog gently walking the girl off to school to be sure she is safe and protected.

He was patiently waiting at the bus stop until the child’s bus arrived. Then he greeted her with great happiness.

But it was not the end. Cody took her schoolbag and carried it on the whole way. All the time he looked at the girl to see if she was coming after him or not.

That’s called a real friendship!

This duo spends all day together. They are really adorable!

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