Heartwarming Connection: Cat and Dog Form Unbreakable Bond, Overcoming Anxiety and Inspiring Others

The sweet kitty considers herself a dog and acts like it 🐱❤️🐶

The cat named Baloo and the dog named Henry have a strong connection.

When his owners found him they saw, that he had an attachment anxiety, mostly because his mother abandoned him when he was a kitten.

So he was scared to be left alone and was attached to his owners a lot.

But after some time Baloo understood, that not only he received caring owners, but also a dog, best friend.

Henry has a relaxing influence on Baloo and he lives a very calm and relaxing life. Baloo has learned everything from him.

These two animals have become almost inseparable and they adore going outdoors with their owners. Baloo considers himself a dog and acts just like Henry.

But Baloo’s family rescued not only Baloo, but also Henry, who came as a special rescue dog, who needed a loving family.

Baloo and Henry have a Instagram page, where they share their daily adventures.

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