Finding Freedom: Rescued Polar Bear Napa Begins a New Life in a Sanctuary

Caring people saved the wild polar bears life and freed him from chains  🐻‍❄🥹

Polar bears are very huge animals and they are also endangered. Those, who live in the wild can fight for themselves, hint for food and raise their babies. The polar bear named Napa experienced a life confined to cages for many years.

Napa had been a circus bear, who was forced to perform for people’s joy and he had never have the chance to enjoy life. He was also awfully treated and confined to small spaces.

There was a new law in Siberia in 2009, that banned using wild animals in circuses and the organization, that owned him simply banned him in a small cage, as they couldn’t use him anymore. And then an animal rescue organization learned about his condition and immediately considered saving him.

And the organization was able to release Napa from the cage and he was then taken to the Siberian Zoo as a temporary resident. He spent two years there and then the animal charity helped him achieve his desired freedom.

Then he was finally taken to the bear sanctuary in Switzerland and became the first resident there. The video demonstrates, that he has a lot of space and freedom there without any chains as in a circus.

Happily, there are still caring people across central and northern Europe, who are saving captive bears and giving them the chance to live in freedom.

We hope Napa will now enjoy her life in freedom and will be able to experience small pleasures of life, that he wasn’t able to experience before.

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