Feline Film Enthusiast: Meet Ella, the Senior Cat Who Finds Joy in Watching Movies

The kitty adores watching movies with her owners and their relationship becomes even stronger 🐱🤗

Ella is an unusual kitty. She adores watching TV more than anything else in life. When Ella was adopted she was already a senior kitty, who loved for a long time in the shelter.

And her owners understood, that it was the best decision of their lives to take the kitty home. Ella soon got used to her new surroundings and when she wanted something she started meowing and purring. She liked climbing up onto the furniture and wanted to be in the middle of her owners’ attention.

Ella’s owners were working multiple jobs during the holiday season and they considered putting the TV on in the background. There was Grinch on the TV and Ella was absolutely attached to it. She wasn’t able to take her eyes off the screen and stared at it all the time.

And Ella even got angry when her owner stopped the movie. And also Ella adores watching only one version of the movie, others aren’t interested for her.

Ella sometimes watches other films, but the Grinch is her beloved one. When she is furious or angry her owners turn the movie on and she calms down.

Ella’s relationships with her owners became, even more, stronger and more affectionate with the help of movies. Adopting a senior cat is a real surprise for the owners, as you don’t know what history they had.

But Ella turned out to be a very sociable and affectionate kitty, who adores watching movies and snuggling with her owners.

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