Emotional Reunion: Rescued Father and Daughter Lions Find Each Other Again

Lions have incredible love towards their kids  🦁🤗

The emotional reunion occurred in one of South Africa’s refugees, where the father and daughter lions were transported. They were saved from the circus and transported there to continue their life in a safe and free place.

The father lion named Leo had gone through many difficulties and hardships in the circus, that his teeth were in awful condition and needed a quick dental procedure.

After finishing the procedure he immediately started searching for his daughter Africa, even though he was still under the anesthetic.

And after Africa noticed her father she extended her paw in order her father could feel her presence.

And the father and daughter lions were noticed poking their heads over the fence in the sanctuary in South Africa.

They were transported by helicopter and are now living in an organization called Animal Defenders International.

The founder of the organization told, that the lions demonstrated the true emotions of the lion family and their strong love.

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