Cola’s Remarkable Resilience: Puppy Overcomes Challenges and Finds a Loving Home

The puppy, who proves life is not over after a bad experience in life  🐶🤗

An adorable puppy named Cola had an awful experience in life as a result of which he had lost his front legs. He chewed on their neighbor’s shoes and then the neighbor came and attacked the puppy with a sword.

The heartless neighbor came and assaulted the puppy, although the puppy’s owner sweared to cover the damages. After the sad incident the puppy lost his legs.

After the awful experience Coca Cola has changed a lot. His rescuers used the animal protection law against the heartless man, who did the vicious act.

The dog foundation paid all the bills for taking Cola to a specialized clinic in Bangkok. After fully recovering the vets gave him a prosthetic.

Cola’s previous owner gave him to the foundation and pater the founder of the foundation Gill considered going to Bangkok and taking the puppy to her house to live with her husband John. Gill also had prosthetic legs, which she had lost ten years ago while rescuing a puppy.

The touching video shows the puppy’s happiness after being given the prosthetic and being able to play and jump.

The foundation wrote on Facebook, that Cola is a true example of not losing hope after hard times.

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