Blinded Beagle Finds Loving Home: Rescued Puppy Overcomes Adversity to Lead a Happy Life

The sweet puppy lost his eyes because of his hard life  🐶😢

A poor blinded beagle was seen walking along the street in Alabama. He was in an awful condition, as he didn’t have one of his eyes and the other one was seriously hurt. He was all alone.

The puppy named Shep was taken by an animal shelter and his photo was shared on their Facebook page, where his new owner saw him.

Shep’s new owner told, that she immediately felt, that they must be together after seeing the puppy’s photo on Facebook.

The vet thought, that it might be possible, that the puppy had been chained up and left for some time before being found. His condition was very bad when he was discovered, he was severely frozen and also was in pain for his eye.

They took him to the doctor, who advised to remove the puppy’s second eye as it was in an awful condition. He was left absolutely blind.

Isaiah told, that they had no idea, how long his injuries remained untreated.

The puppy appears to be absolutely at ease after being fully blind.

Shep now lives a happy and comfortable life. He moves very easily and was able to do all his beloved things.

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