Adorable Wild Lion Craves Affection: Heartwarming Encounter with Tourists on Bus Goes Viral

A very affectionate lion, who was gentle with tourists 🦁🥹

What a sweet animal.

He just wanted to be loved.

A tiny wild lion wanted people’s attention and entered into the bus of tourists and asked for cuddles. It was so frightening situation, as you never know. He only wanted some affection to give and receive.

He wasn’t aggressive entering the bus and tourists eagerly allowed him to get into it.
Then he started licking some people’s face rubbing his face to show love. He just wanted a little affection.

He only wanted some affection and to spend time with people.
He must have spent most of his life with people and he wasn’t aggressive at all. But it would be good for wild animals to live free in their natural habitats.

Watch the sweetest video ever.

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