A Journey of Transformation: From Racing Track to Loving Home – Salem the Greyhound Finds Happiness

The racing puppy received the life she deserved 🐶🥹

Greyhounds are known as the softest, calmest dogs one could ever see. Most of all they are used as racers, but those who have nervous tendencies and have difficulty interacting with humans are often retired.

A dog named Salem was saved and taken to her new home by a caring owner and it took her some time to come out of her shell. At first, she didn’t even eat and was lying in her cage.

Salem had 159 races and it was everything she knew in her life. All the things are knew to her and she was unfamiliar with her new surroundings. He had no idea how to interact with humans and also what to do for food. She also didn’t want to be separated from her owner, so she went after him everywhere.

Her owner helped Salem to socialize by taking her to different restaurants, stores. He wanted to show her, that there is another life for her. Also, Salem adored the beach and began swimming in Florida waters.

She was just a foster puppy for Caleb and he did everything to find her a permanent home. And just at the time someone, who had rehomed a separate dog for Caleb called him and said he was looking for another.

Caleb was able to find a forever home for her very quickly and she now lives happily in Florida.

This sweet story shows us, that there’s always a better life for racing dogs and as many of them are now closing down it’s vital, that people give such dogs the life they deserve to have.

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