Unlikely Friendship: Giant Gorilla and Tiny Bush Baby Form Heartwarming Bond

Friendship is everywhere regardless of size and type  🥹🤗

It’s the cutest friendship you’ve ever seen! A giant gorilla has found his peace next to a little creature.

There are more than 300 rescued gorillas and chimpanzees in Ape Action Africa, Cameroon. They have been saved by the skilled staff of the sanctuary and now live freely and happily.

One of them, Bobo, is one of the oldest residents of the refuge. He came here 25 years ago, when he was just 2 years old.

Although Bobo is a giant and it seems he is scary, in fact he is so affectionate and can create close friendship with almost everyone. A wild bush baby had a chance to be the best friend of this sweet gorilla and now they enjoy their time together.

Bobo is very attentive towards his little friend and touches it carefully in order not to harm it. The whole staff is amazed by their relationship.

They live together and feel safe and calm next to each other.

Generally, these tiny creatures live at night, but they are much more interesting during the day.

Other gorillas at the sanctuary want to approach the little animal, but Bobo doesn’t let anyone come closer to his friend.

He protects it from everyone and everything.

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