The true angel for homeless dogs. A Palestinian man became the savior of abandoned dogs

Kindness will save the world and all its residents  🤗🥹

A man named Saeed el Aer, also popular as The Palestinian Doctor Dollitle lives in the Gaza Strip and dedicates his life to rescuing dogs. The man became an angel for leftover dogs living on the streets.

Saeed el Aer has devoted his life to saving the dogs in need although many things affected Gaza, like fighting, homelessness, power shortages and lack of clean water.

He has been looking for homeless dogs for months on the streets of Gaza. And after receiving their confidence and feeding them he returns them and tries to find loving homes for them.

He has also helped to find the Sulala Association for Animals Care. He told, that they follow them on the streets and feed until the dogs become used to them. And after they capture them and take to the association.

The man has spent almost 18000€ for looking after the 50 dogs he has rescued.

He spends the money to pay for the rent of the 0.2-hectare area, where his saved dogs live and also vet expenses.

There are many volunteers there, who feed the farm dogs by cooking over wood.

At first when the dogs are taken to the farm they keep them on a leash for some days until they become calmer and may be free and friendly to guests.

He also told, that the dogs recognise him and appear from every corner of the farm and went to him.

He also told, that many Gaza residents visit the farm and feed animals, which is very surprising to him.

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