Feline Love and Unusual Affection: Meet Eric and Ollie, the Cats Who Behave Like Dogs!

The adorable kitties with unique behavior much like dogs  🐈🤗

All cat owners have an amazing connection with their pets.

Every cat has an unusual personality and explores the world on their own.

Many cats adore being independent and want to have their own space, but this Persian Kitty is different.

He adores spending every hour with his owner and didn’t want to be far from his owners. His owners brush him almost twice a day and rub his head and belly. We can say, that he is a really spoiled cat.

When his owner works from home Eric jumps on his desk and makes sure he is the center of Eric’s attention.

On the other hand Eric’s feline brother named Ollie is not so in love with being in the centre of attention. He adores being by himself. But Eric considers he get the most human attention.

The two kitties adore watching shows on the iPad together with their owner. In the beginning they sat still, but after a few minutes they just fall off to sleep.

And in the evening Eric goes to his special cat bed, where he starts his evening with head rubs. But as his owners’ bed is next to his he just jumps into their bed and snuggles in.

Eric and Ollie’s behavior isn’t like any other cat, they are like dogs. And Eric’s affection is something typical for dogs and dog owners can confirm it.

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