The Shark Rescuer: Christina Zeneto’s Remarkable Mission to Remove Fishing Hooks and Advocate for Shark Conservation

Sharks are severely misunderstood by humans. They deserve a better understanding  🦈❤️👩‍🦰

Christina Zeneto had an unusual job.

Her job can be called a shark rescuer, but it’s not the full name of her profession. But she provided sharks with a service, that is really amazing.

She removes fishing hooks from their mouths.

Most of the time Christina simply puts her arm into their mouth and then took the hook out. Christina considers her job as really interesting and joyful, which might be an unusual thing for many people.

As Christina has done the same job for many years she has even named some of the sharks. And this is the story how she took her first hook out.

When she removed the hook from one of the sharks for the first time the other sharks came to her happily for help.

She told, that she has already removed almost 300 sharks’ hooks during her 26 years of diving with them. Many of the sharks she has helped are familiar to her, while others just came to ask for her help.

Christina is sure, that sharks have an unknown way of communicating with one another, that humans don’t understand. And something like that happened with her that day.

Christina commented on her connection with the amazing creatures. «Sharks in the world in general are really tolerant about our entering into their world. And I am absolutely appreciative towards their vulnerability.»

She also reminds, that sharks are an important part of the ocean ecosystem. Humans treated them bad and made their population decrease in the vast oceans.

There are a few animals in the world, that are so much misunderstood, like sharks. Maybe it’s because of the Hollywood movie Jaws and the occasional shark attack, which is always an accident. But our perception of sharks changed in a bad way.

And Christina is someone, who educates people treat sharks in another way and shows them their real face. And we hope many people will start to treat them with the empathy they deserve.

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