The scene of a senior doggy greeting his owner after a long break will make you cry

The moment of their reunion is priceless 🐕❤️👩‍🦰

Dogs are our best friends and are ready to devote their lives to those whom they love most of all.

When they are divided from their beloved ones, they wait for their return till the end and when it happens they can show a heartbreaking reaction.

Now you are given a chance to watch such an exciting reunion.

When Hannah Foraker decided to serve in the army, she had to leave her lovely dog Buddy for over three months. She knew that it would be challenging for both of them, but she had to.

So after training for three months, Hannah finally returned and how her beloved pet welcomed her was indescribable.

Their reunion was really touching. The sweet doggie was extremely happy to see his owner again and he couldn’t contain his excitement when saw her approaching him. It’s hard to describe the emotions of the devoted pet.

He proved once again that canines are loyal creatures, so we must love and protect them in any situation.

Watch the heartbreaking scene here:

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