The owner put their newborn baby next to their dog to test his reaction to the new family member  

What the dog did stun them to the core  👶❤️🐶

Dogs are very loving and caring creatures and they can take care of those whom they love the most.

But they are very protective of children and are willing to treat them as their own.

If there’s a little human and a pet in the same home, a strong friendship is predictable.

Here’s a great example of such a sweet relationship between a dog and a newborn baby.

When the owners of this adorable dog had a baby, they wanted to introduce him to their beloved pet, so they put him next to the dog to test his reaction.

The scene was really exciting!

The smart animal carefully approached his little brother and began to sniff and kiss him. He loved him at first and it’s obvious that it would be the beginning of their strong friendship.

After examining him carefully, the doggy sat by his side and started to look at him with great pleasure.

That’s really adorable!

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