The monkey’s dream came true. He was freed from his chains after spending almost all life with them

The rescuers found a pair for the lonely monkey 🥹🤗

The spider monkey has spent all his life in a circus. He had a huge tie around his neck every day and it was almost never removed.

His rescuers took some pictures of him in the circus and understood he was forced to perform every day for people and also lived in an awful conditions.

Monkeys are usually very friendly and sociable animals and Pepe became lonely and depressed because of his isolation. His rescuers knew, that they must give him a lot of love and affection to help him recover.

When the rescuer named Jan saved the monkey from the circus she immediately fall in love with him and they were connected. Pepe managed to trust his rescuers and knew he had a new chance of being happy, although being mistreated in the circus.

And also Jan understood she must find another spider monkey to free Pepe from his loneliness. And one day she managed to find one.

Jan learned about another spider monkey waiting for rescue not far from the sanctuary. She immediately went to take her and was overjoyed for Pepe, as he could now interact with his own kind and not be alone.

Pepe now lives with Valerie and has an extremely happy life, that he enjoys.

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