Surfers‘ Paradise: Playful Dolphin Jojo Brings Joy and Inspires Community to Protect Marine Wildlife

The playful dolphin brings his family to interact with humans and their pets 🥰🤗

Local surfers of the paradise island of Turks and Caicos adored getting into the water and riding the waves. The turquoise blue waters are so attractive, that the surfers are always in the water.

And the friendliest dolphin in the world named Jojo often visits them. Jojo adores riding the waves with the surfers and glides underneath them when they are surfing alongside the boat.

When he gets excited he jumps out of the water and cross paths with the surfers demonstrating how happy he is to be with them.

Jojo has been known by everyone on the island, as he enjoys visiting boats. The surfers thought he is approximately 35-40 years old and the wrinkles around his eyes show his age.

But it couldn’t be seen from his personality, that he is such an old dolphin. And when the surfers brought their puppy named Zyzz with them Jojo gets even more excited and enjoys playing with the puppy through the waves.

Jojo sometimes even brings his family to interact with the surfers and their pets and his kids are just like him, playful and active. But Jojo didn’t know the impact he had on the local community.

And when there’s a plan to open a dolphinarium on the island the surfers actively campaigned and used Jojo as proof as to why dolphins should stay in the wild.

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