Rescuing and Releasing: Woman’s Journey of Saving Three Baby Foxes and Guiding Them Towards Independence

The woman performed a soft release, that the foxes liked 🦊❤️👩‍🦰

A woman named Kimberley saved three baby foxes and she didn’t know what would happen with them. Their mother passed away after being hit by a car and they needed assistance to survive.

Kimberley took them and saw, that they were frightened and didn’t know what was going on. She fed them and also bathed, but they couldn’t get used to their new surroundings.

The first few days the foxes were together and cowered in the corner of their cage. And soon after that they got used to their new surroundings and started to explore.

Kimberley also set up a secret camera to watch them when she wasn’t there. They were seen playing, jumping over one another and also ripping apart bags of shavings and various toys. Foxes and puppies are alike, but foxes are wild and Kimberley is considered to assist them to return to their natural habitat.

After a week Kimberley felt, that the foxes can live in their outdoor enclosure to get used to living outdoors. At first, the foxes didn’t like the idea of being free, but then they understood it is a lot of fun.

They soon got used to their outdoor enclosure and Kimberley understood they can live in the wild. They showed signs of being independent and Kimberley wanted to see their reaction to having even more freedom.

When someone releases wild animals into the wild, but also leaves the enclosure open and places food and water there it is called a soft release. Acting so people can give animals food, water and shelter as long as they want, before leaving altogether.

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