Rescuing a Pregnant Stray Cat: A Tale of Kindness and Support at the Workplace

They became the fluffy «employees» of the office 🐱🥹

One day, when Yvonne was on her way to work as usual, she came across a pregnant catty in need. The poor animal was in a poor condition, so she decided to take her to her office, because leaving her there alone and helpless, would be inhumane.

Luckily, the staff was not against her decision and they welcomed the sweet animal with happiness. They named her Boba and provided her with everything she needed. The most important thing was that Boba was safe and could give birth in a cozy place.

The whole staff was impatiently waiting for the kittens’ arrival. After a short time 8 adorable kittens were born; they all were healthy.

Boba was very caring towards them and did her best to be a good mother to them. Of course, the workers helped her in everything. The cat’s family was taken to a larger room where they would feel better.

When they become old enough, the staff will find forever homes for them.

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