Rescued with Charm: The Playful and Energetic Kitty Finds a Forever Home and Becomes a Beloved Family Member

Playful and energetic kitty, who became a family member 🐈🥰

A woman named Cassie was walking outside, when she heard some noise coming from the nearby bushes.

And she considered to went to see what it was and suddenly a small kitty came out of the bushes to meet her. Cassie wanted to find something appropriate to give the kitty water and finally she used a frisbee, that she had in her car.

And happily, Cassie also had cat food in her car, that she was taking to her other kitties. Cassie gave her a little food and she immediately ate all, demonstrating how hungry she was.

The kitty was absolutely happy to be saved and refused to leave Cassie’s home. Cassie also told, that when the kitty approached her she immediately knew she was going to stay with her. She didn’t have an intention to adopt another kitty, but she couldn’t understand how it happened.

But as many cat owners would agree if a cat himself wants to stay with you, you couldn’t do anything.

And after Cassie took her home she understood the kitty had many fleas on her and it was normal, as she lived in the bushes. Cassie considered to bath her and she was ready to get used to her new home.

She was small and underweight, but she wasn’t afraid of Cassie’s other cats and dog. She made herself at home and immediately wanted to demonstrate to other cats who was the boss.

And most of all the new kitty was cared for by Cassie’s sphinx cat, who liked the playful little kitten’s presence.

The sweet kitty remained the same playful, energetic and crazy kitty, that she first came home with Cassie and she’s happy to become one of this adorable tribe of animals.

Cassie considers herself very fortunate to be in the right place at the right time to perform the rescue she named the kitty Charm, which is the perfect name for her.

Thanks to Cassie Charm now has a loving family, where she is cared and supported.

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