Puppy Playtime Innovation: Fence Peepholes and Dog Gate Create Unbreakable Bonds Between Neighbor Dogs and Their Owner

Neighboring dogs were in love with each other and wanted to play together  🐶🥹

Erin is a loving dog owner, who clearly adores her puppies. But Erin works every day at the office and had to leave the puppies at home.

And her boyfriend considered an interesting idea for the puppies to meet their owner. He cut some peepholes in the fence for the dogs to see their owner.

And both dogs named Billie and Seymour were always standing and fighting for the best place to watch their owner from the office.

But this wasn’t all.

Their next-door neighbors considered taking a puppy named Wynnie and their puppies were in love with him.

And they considered something. They wanted to put a small dog gate in the fence in order their dogs to play with each other. Seymour is in love with playing with his neighbor and uses every chance to go to their house whenever the gate is opened.

And their dogs only feel sad when it is time for them to return to their homes and close the gate. And with the help of this idea they won’t have to wait long until their next play date is planned.

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