Miraculous Reunion: Deaf Dog Lex Safely Found and Embraces Owner After Strangers Come to His Rescue

Such a quick and fantastic rescue! 🥹🤗

Meet Lex, a sweet doggie, who enjoys his life with his beloved owner. Like others, he also likes to play outside, but his case is a bit different. He is deaf, so leaving him alone in the yard will be dangerous for his life.

But once his owner John Rollins found it normal to let Lex play in the yard alone. And he returned home to watch TV. After five minutes he was concerned about the dog and rushed out to check him. He found out that Lex was missing.

There’s a big problem: they couldn’t call the dog as he is deaf, so finding him was not an easy task.

Because the dog was missing not so long, the owner hurried to the street to search for him.

As soon as he got out of the gates, he spotted a group of people gathered together. When he approached, discovered his beloved pet being cuddled by strangers.

When the people asked him if he was his dog, he happily answered yes, and they were reunited again.

The sweet dog couldn’t contain his excitement when saw his owner and strongly hugged him.

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