“Like grandma with grandpa”. New photos of Julia Robert and her husband interest fans

It was a beautiful year for those who have been waiting for so long for the marriage of a beloved actress. In 2002 Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder got married.

Star family lives a happy life together. Different ways of getting famous and beloved only help their family.

Many approaches, nominees, meetings, and even red carpets are behind. This post is about a brand-new photo of this lovely couple.

But they are looking not as much happy and pretty.

“Can’t believe it’s true”, “What a man, what women. And where are their luxurious looks?”, “It is only our imagination, they did and done and will do some things like an ordinary couple”, “They seemed a little bit tired”, ” like an ordinary grandpa and grandma”, “I adore this couple”, and “What outrageous heroes they are”.

Such a comment I have read on the net. Want to add something? Please, write below.

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