Markle showed her legs in shorts in walking with the Prince Garry

41 years old Meghan, Duchess of Sussex prefers being at the top of the news. However she tries to stick with the old way of living. Thus paparazzi caught her in wrinkled clothes while walking with her husband. Of course it is hard to look good always and in any situation, but people used to discuss celebrities, and nothing will change it.

She wears white shirt and wrinkled shorts. For haters it becomes a real topic for discussion. “Duchess can’t wear wrinkled clothes”, “She will stay an ordinary woman forever”, “Nothing in common with the Royal family”, “Maybe it’s time to leave her alone?”, “Oh come on summer is in the air, it’s normal wearing shorts”

“She used to have a different style. She imitates Diana”, “All wrinkled, not ironed. Do not become an American true lady”, “Which of her duchess? Kate was born to be queen”

“She will remain a simpleton forever”, “A very beautiful and well-groomed woman”, “Harry was lucky with his wife. Next to her, he will feel alive”, “Cool couple. Next to Megan, Harry blossomed,” write Internet users in the comments under the pictures from the paparazzi.

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