“Get too old, get too fat lost all hair”. Here is Billy Zane’s transformation

An American actor, formerly beloved and demanded Billy Zane turned 57 this year. But many colleagues of the same age still look good but not him. He get too old and lost her glamorous look.

The fat figure and calvity destroyed his handsome look. It’s a pity but there is nothing to change. Staring actor from «Titanic», and some other iconic movies left his acting career and become an ordinary middle-aged man.

Now he raises two daughters and prefers calm and private life far away from the paparazzi and even his friends from Hollywood. The Hall of Fame isn’t interested in him anymore.

“It’s a pity to see him like this”, “Time flies and priorities change it’s normal”, “I think that bald head suits him much more”, “Never interested in him”, “I hated his hero in Titanic, however”. Such kind of comments I’ve met on the Net. What can you say about this celebrity’s transformation which variation of him do you like the most?

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