„Not a pin to choose between them“. A story about a girl who gave birth at 13

The unbelievable story took place in Austria back in 2003. A little girl named Emma lived the ordinary life of a schoolgirl. She attended Catholic school and lived with very strict parents. But destiny played a joke on her. She fell in love with a guy who was 17 years old.

And after two dates her simple and quiet life of her changed forever.

She understood that she is pregnant only after 5 months. There is nothing left to do.

Thus she gave birth at the year 13. A little girl was born with a weight of only 2, 2 kilos. Emma’s life today is more simple. She is very happy that has a girl who is too similar to her.

However, the same fate she didn’t want for her daughter. They have the same interests, are very close friends and look the same.

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