„I’ve been stealing your men since 1929“ the world’s oldest supermodel showed up her new photos

Buddy Winkle is 91 old woman. But she is not an ordinary granny. She passed most of her life being a supermodel. She achieved many awards and her photos are still on the first pages of the glamorous magazines.

No one could believe that she is already 91. She prefers open and colorful clothes. She never gets tired of trying something new.

Her family and friends resigned from her lifestyle.

Buddy still works as a model. She has contracts with fabulous fashion homes.

„What is going on?“, „Can’t understand her point of view!“, „She must give up on this modeling career“, „It’s the time, dear grandmother“.

„She is really funny“, „What a power of the soul“, „Hm, she looks pretty good for her age“, „Is there an age limit for models ever?“.

Such kind of comments I’ve found on the Net about her. What do you think about her look and fashion?

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