Heartwarming Bond: Devoted Dog Watches Over Baby Sister, Melting Hearts Everywhere

They are more than just friends 🐕❤️👶

Meet Berkley, a very cute and affectionate dog, who enjoys his life with his loving family. Although he likes all the members of the family, there’s someone whom he is devoted most of all. Elaine, the two-year-old daughter, shares a strong bond with her beloved pet.

When the child was born, the parents were concerned about their dog’s attitude towards her, but as it turned out later, they didn’t need to worry, as Berkley was very caring and attentive towards his new sister.

After the girl’s birth, the parents put several cameras in the house to check her each step.

Later, while checking the cameras, they discovered something interesting. They saw their beloved pet sit next to the baby as she slept to make sure she was okay. From time to time he came closer to her to feel her breathing, then returned to his place.

They were deeply touched by the scene. Since then they began to trust their lovely pet, because they were sure that their baby was in the safe hand.

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