From Shy Cub to Curious Explorer: Jamison the Bear’s Journey to Discovering the World

The sweet bear cub adored being at the highest spots and looking at other animals  🐻🥹

A sweet bear named Jamison appeared at a wildlife center and was learning to be wild and his natural instincts.

When he was saved he turned out to be very reserved. He was very stressed about losing his mother and couldn’t normally reach the surroundings.

He likes being alone and when he sees even the smallest movement he enters into his den. His rescuers were perplexed about his personality, as they considered he would be stressed and they couldn’t imagine how he would live in his new home.

Jamison was already six months old, but was awfully underweight which was another stress for his rescuers. But happily, after some time of feeding and taking care of him Jamison began coming out of his shell.

After some time he was placed with other bear cubs and his personality started to develop a lot more. The workers of the center saw, that he was very curious and always wanted to find out what was happening in different parts of the enclosure.

With other bear cubs Jamison adored doing mischievous things and playing with them.

Jamison adores climbing into one of the tallest trees and it was a real happiness for his rescuers. He learned to climb and adored finding the highest spot to look at other bears from there.

After Jamison’s health improved and he started to normally grow his rescuers understood the best thing would be releasing him into the wild. It was the best thing for wild animals.

He was absolutely happy on his release day and his rescuers considered, that he would also find the highest spot in the wild to look down at other animals from there.

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