From Rescue to Nurse: The Heartwarming Tale of a Feline Hero at an Animal Shelter

She never gets tired of her work 🐈🤗

Have you ever heard about a cat who works as a nurse at an animal shelter?

Meet Radamenes, an adorable catty, who was rescued and taken to an animal shelter in Poland, which became her permanent residence. Now the sweetie lives here but not as a patient. She works as a nurse and helps the staff to take care of the sick animals.

She has become famous in the district and even the locals visit the shelter to see her.

She supports those who are in need and looks after them perfectly.

Several months ago she was in need and was brought to the shelter in a terrible condition, but now she comforts others.

Thanks to the skilled vets’ efforts she is now alive.

She enjoys cuddling and kissing all the patients.

She is so friendly and sociable.

She is known as a full-time nurse.

She has become everyone’s favorite.

She is a real wonder!

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