Feathered Friendship: Rooster Named Ronnie Finds a Loving Home with Humans, Brings Joy and Surprises Along the Way

The sweetest little rooster made everyone get out of bed in the morning  😀🤗

The rooster named Ronnie considered one day, that he wanted to live with some humans.

And he came to Chaz’s window and sat there until she took him in. At first, she couldn’t understand what happened and soon she understood the rooster was only looking for some company.

And Ronnie took the opportunity and went into Chaz’s house when she opened the door to let her dogs out.

And also Chaz’s partner was overjoyed to welcome the rooster into their family. He even constructed a perch and a house for the rooster in order he could feel himself at home.

Ronnie adores flying up to the ceiling to watch his owners and the house. Chaz told, that he adored the attention and he makes himself feel at home in his new surroundings.

But Ronnie most of all adores staring at himself in the mirror. He even seems to challenge his own reflection by jumping up and flapping his wings.

Chaz and Micheal were amazed to see Ronnie take part in their game with their dogs. He adores playing with dog’s toys and if it wasn’t for his appearance you could well mistake him for a friendly small puppy.

And also Ronnie appeared to be perfectly disciplined and he seemed to be house trained and he doesn’t cause his humans any issues.

And the only thing, that his owners don’t like about Ronnie is that he makes everyone get out of bed.

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