Family love always comes first. A hero puppy protected her family

The brave puppy defended the kids and their mother 🐶🥹

This puppy is a real hero and must be respected as awful things would have happened if the dog hadn’t been there to protect the two kids.

According to Crystal Michaelis the story happened on July 19. Their family was relaxing outside in the backyard, when they saw their Labrador named Ella acting unusually. She was growling and backing away and it seems she were alert for something.

She wasn’t able to see it, but knew it was close by. Michaelis immediately understood it was a lion and started to panic. Michaelis remembered Ella when she kept staring at the lion and then looking back. She appeared to be cautious and it noticed Michaelis daughter.

Michaelis immediately took her children inside when she saw Ella was gaining time to protect them. The poor puppy was bitten almost 30 times and had many injuries.

Michaelis told, that it was a sight, that she won’t ever forget. She opened the front door and there was Ella covered in blood. And also the entrance and patio were covered in blood. Ella was even ready to sacrifice her life to protect Michaelis and her kids safe.

The mountain lion was later found by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. Then the officials told, that the neighbor’s goats may have disturbed the lion and he came close to the Michaelis home.

Dogs are very loyal animals and are always ready to protect their owners and people in general in any situation.

Just look at the video of the heroic puppy.

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