Dedicated Heroine Saves Thousands of Homeless Cats, Defying Odds and Transportation Challenges

Her kindness is boundless. She does everything for the homeless kittens 🐈❤️👩‍🦰

Jennifer Barnes has a unique calling in life.

She has been saving homeless cats, that roam the streets to find them a new home. She does this because of her kind heart, but also she is doing an important public service.

Jennifer managed to save almost 425000 unwanted kittens from being born.

When she traps the cat she takes it to be neutered and spayed and then to the colonies, where they are fed and looked after. This process is called TNR, which stands for Trap, Neuter, Release.

Jennifer’s work becomes even more amazing when you remember she doesn’t have a car. She performs all this rescues using public transport.

After trapping a cat, she changes two or three buses to go to the vet center in Jersey called People for Animals. There the cats are spayed and neutered. Then the good people there offer their affordable vet care and Jennifer makes the most of the service.

It’s not all, when it is needed Jennifer saves and fosters cats herself and helps them find permanent homes. She posts updates on the Internet and encourages people to continue her work.

Jennifer is a person with a big and kind heart, whose generosity is boundless. She wants to ensure, that every cat in New Jersey and New York are safe and cared for as they deserve.

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