A Miracle of Love: Maggie Finds Her Forever Home and Fills Hearts with Joy

The best adoption for the shelter puppy 🐕🥰

The puppy named Maggie had many sad moments in her life until she met her permanent owners. And after meeting them she couldn’t stop hugging them. The couple Mary McCraw and her husband Mark had recently lost their beloved dog. They didn’t think of adopting another puppy until meeting Maggie.

McCraw told, that they were in love with the puppy. She also told, that before meeting Maggie they had lost their puppy a few months earlier, so it was an unexpected adoption. She considered she wasn’t ready for adopting another puppy at that time. They couldn’t resist Maggie’s charm and sweetness.

McCraw told, that she bent down for the puppy won’t be afraid and she immediately jumped into her lap and also her life. They were touched by her story and it was love at first sight. They considered she was just waiting for them.

Maggie had a sad past, as she was used for breeding by her previous owners. And the rescue found a loving family for Maggie to recover her strength. And after many months of recovery she was finally ready for adoption.

Andra Mack told, that Maggie was the sweetest puppy they have ever fostered. Maggie’s meeting with her new owner was so moving, that it seems like a movie.

After meeting McCraw Maggie couldn’t control her emotions and couldn’t stop hugging him and it seems as if she was saying thank you.

Mack also told, that it was their fate to meet each other. It appears like their previous dog was watching on them and smiling.

McCraws’ also told, that it was like a miracle for them as she fully changed their life.

They also told, that Maggie makes everyone happy and brightens their day. Her eyes seem the best thing in the world.

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