A Bond Beyond Words: The Unbreakable Connection Between Brutus and His Newborn Brother

They have the strongest and cutest bond ever! 🐶❤️👶

Although Brutus is a sweet and loving dog, he can destroy any toy he encounters. Luckily, there’s only one ball, which he is unable to tear apart. It’s a yellow ball, which is his favorite toy and it helps him calm his little brother down.

He is very caring towards his newborn human and tries his best to make him happy when he begins to cry.

Brutus joined his family in 2016, when Bonnie Michalek and her husband bought a new big house. They decided to keep a dog as a guardian.

The woman considers him her first child.

Recently, Bonnie gave birth to her first human child, Kayden. She knew that their pet would welcome his new sibling with happiness and she was right.

Before the birth of Kayden, Brutus enjoyed playing with other children. He was very kind to everyone, but the children came first. Thus, after the birth of the child, he was completely devoted to him.

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