When the dog was offered food by a passerby, he showed incredible emotions  

That’s how he responded to the woman’s kindness 🐕🤗

The case took place in Shanxi province, China, when a woman came across a stray dog. It was obvious that the animal was hungry, so she couldn’t leave him without giving him some food.

No one can describe the emotions the poor puppy had at the moment. He was extremely happy and couldn’t contain his excitement.

The cutie started to cry which broke the woman’s heart. She recorded the scene and shared it on social media. A large number of people got touched by it.

The woman wanted to hug him but he was a bit scared.

It’s clear that he lost his trust towards people as he had a difficult life just because of people’s bad behavior

The woman had to leave him there, but the next day she returned to the same place with her friends to search for him, but she didn’t find him there.

We hope that the sweetie will find his loving family very soon.

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