When the blind elephant arrived at the shelter, she was welcomed as no one expected

They wished her the best welcome

This heartwarming scene shows how affectionate elephants are. The case took place in Thailand and it remained in the hearts of the witnesses.

This poor blind elephant, who is 30 years old, was saved from a circus and was taken to the Elephant Nature Park by its staff. She had a very difficult life because she was always forced to do things she didn’t want.

Luckily, he was saved and how she was welcomed by other elephants in the sanctuary touched everyone.

She got a big chance to live in freedom surrounded by caring and loving people. Her life changed in a minute thanks to these kindhearted people.

Although the sweet animal is blind, he felt how she was welcomed by others and it was enough for him to be happy too.

The scene was captured on camera and it will stay in the workers’ minds forever.

Now she enjoys her life in the sanctuary and is completely safe and protected.

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