What a miracle! The courageous puppy rescued a thousand lives and became a star

A hero puppy, that received a medal 

This puppy did a real miracle when he rescued a thousand lives during the raid against the Taliban.

A Belgian Shepherd named Bass recently became the 75th animal to have a PDSA medal for his deeds. He snuffled 5 bombs in a raid and so rescued many lives.

Bass is already a military veteran, who served in the United States Marine Corps for six years. This adorable puppy served in Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia. And just before his retirement he did an excellent thing. The general manager of the PDSA named Jan McLoughlin gave the puppy a medal for his loyalty to the work.

Bass deserves the PDSA’s Dickin Medal, which was usually given to puppies and pigeons for their contributions during the war.

Now Bass is already 10 years old and lives with his previous manager named Sergeant Alex Schnell.

And it’s adorable, that the Marines train great puppies, that liked the hero Bass. They knew the military puppies’ vital roles. And now we need more puppies like Bass and our life will change for the better. And this demonstrates, that regardless of who you are you can always be a hero.

Bass, you are an adorable dog and we are fraternal for your job of saving people.

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