Whale watchers’ lucky moment caught on camera: Adorable whale surprises group offshore in Mexico

A sweet and lucky moment captured by the group of whale watchers 

A group of whale watchers were waiting to see the adorable sight and capture it on camera.

And happily the photographer and director named Eric J Smith managed to capture the funny moment, which became popular.

The whale watchers were impatiently waiting with their cameras for the whale to appear in order they could capture it, but they were tricked by the huge whale. They were offshore in Mexica waiting to have an unforgettable experience, while they missed their chance to see the huge whale, which appeared behind them while they were looking the wrong way.

But after all the group members were fortunate enough to be able to turn their heads just in time and capture the sweet moments with the huge animal.

It seemed as if the adorable animal understood the group had missed their first chance and gave then another opportunity. This time some whale watchers even celebrated the amazing moment.

And also a photographer named Eric Smith couldn’t believe his eyes. He told, that the adorable whale silently and slowly took her head out of the water. And when people turned their heads she quickly went below the water.

And all the people started laughing.

He also told, that he was in another boat and managed to capture the adorable moment. Photographing whales is always something, that needs luck, but you should always be ready.

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