Two Doggies Show Unbreakable Friendship Through Heartwarming Hugs

Two sweet doggies, who enjoyed hugging each other 

Children living in the same neighborhood often visit one another to play and they usually become best friends.

And as they visit one another very often they befriend. And this isn’t true only for human kids, the same happens with this furry friends living in the same neighborhood.

Simba and Cooper are best friends. Simba’s owner told, that Simba and Cooper go for walks with their family children. They are inseparable and very close friends and when they don’t see one another, Simba sometimes escapes his backyard to visit Cooper.

The two sweet doggies became best companions from the time when they were just doggies and their owners’ got them almost at the same time. They are always happy to meet and they greet one another in the most unusual way.

And during one of their meetings their owner captured them hugging each other as a greeting. They have the most human-like pose to hug, they stand upright on their hind legs and their front paws are wrapped around one another.

The owner shared their photo on Facebook, where it became popular and received 11000likes.

The hug wasn’t something, which occurs only one time. These sweet puppies greet each other almost every time hugging. They are clearly in love with each other and they are fortunate they live near. And it’s all about their relationship. And we hope they will always live in the same homes.

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