Touching Reunion of Retired Military Dog and Owner Thanks to Kind Flight Attendant’s Generosity

Adorable reunion. The puppy was lucky

There are many dogs deployed with the US military in foreign countries. And they have owners, who look after them all the time. Every dog has its own job. Some are responsible for locating bombs, while others are kept for the rescue mission.

And our today’s hero is a Labrador Retriever named Taylor, who was also serving in the US military. She also has a nickname Princess Taylor or Tay-Tay. She had served two times in Afghanistan and was very skilled, that Taliban placed a bounty on Tay-Tay.

But as other dogs, Taylor was also retired and given a calmer life. So these dogs are given for adoption. And the first on the list is always their owners, who took care of them during their service. But sadly such reunions cost a lot of money.

The logistics, that helped transport the puppy to her owner are very expensive. And veterans most of the time weren’t able to afford it. And a kind veteran flight attendant named Molli Oliver came to help.

She adores both dogs and the US military. So it became possible the reunion of a retired puppy with her owner. The kind woman had performed four such reunions at her own expense. And the kind woman became a true hero for the veterans.

The touching reunion took place at the airport after two years apart. The puppy immediately ran into his owner’s arms and couldn’t hide her emotions and happiness.

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