This man rescued a lioness cub, and now he is not just a caretaker for the animal  

When you help animals, they remember it forever

Animals can be more affectionate than humans, and never forget what people do for them. This case is the best proof of it.

Valentin Gruener from Germany saved the life of a baby lioness, who was abandoned and needed help.

Luckily, the cutie is now alive and enjoys her life with her beloved man. He is more than just a caretaker for her.

Although Sirga the lioness weighs 150 kg, she is strongly connected with the man and they are inseparable and loyal friends.

It seems strange to many, however, this duo enjoys their time together and are happy to have each other.

It’s not surprising that their story has become famous on social media, because it’s something unusual which you don’t see frequently.

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