These people got a chance to see the unusual scene of the first meeting of a cute dog and a newborn foal  

The dog’s emotions when meeting the foal for the first time were exciting

This amazing scene took place in the Maxey Appaloosa Foundation and it deeply touched the witnesses.

Aengus is a farm dog, who enjoys making new companions with almost everyone, and this case wasn’t an exception.

When this adorable foal named Ghost was born, the sweet doggie was impatiently waiting for their meeting.

The farmers couldn’t allow him to approach the baby so early, so he had to wait for a while. When the time of their meeting came, Aengus touched everyone with his reaction.

When the friendly animal saw that the foal was lying on the ground and was motionless, he was deeply moved by the scene and began to cry.

The people next to him were shocked by the scene and they tried to explain to the doggie that his new friend would stand up very soon.

This sweetie has a big heart and he wants everyone around him to be happy. After a while he approached the foal again and this time kissed him.

The scene warmed the witnesses’ hearts.

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