These gorillas took interesting photos with their loving keepers. Such amazing creatures!  

It’s called real trust!

It’s no secret that animals have strong senses and quickly sense danger. They know who to trust and dedicate their lives to those who are kind and caring towards them.

Our today’s heroes proved this fact once more and amazed the whole world with their wonderful photos.

These two gorillas trust their keepers and enjoy taking pictures with them.

They live in Virunga National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo. They are under the strong care of kind people, who do their best to protect them from any danger.

It’s not an easy task because they work hard and sometimes it can be dangerous to be so close to these creatures. But these keepers feel protected next to their furry friends. These interesting photos prove it.

The same we can say about these gorillas. They trust their keepers and never harm them.

Their adorable photos blew up the internet. Netizens were shocked to see how these amazing creatures took selfies with their keepers.

They enjoy each other’s companionship.

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