The swan expressed his gratitude to his rescuer in a cute way. The scene is special!  

He politely said «thank you» to the man

Swans are not considered to be very gentle, so seeing them hug a person may seem strange.

However, our today’s hero, a sweet swan is an exception and shows humanity that they are very thankful and don’t forget what others do for them.

Richard Wiese was the name of a kind man who became a savior for the cute swan. At that time it was so scary and gaining its trust was not an easy task for the man. However, he managed to do it and saved its life.

As a response to his kindness, the man got a warm hug from his new friend.

The scene was posted on social media and excited a great number of netizens. The man was overjoyed to see how the sweet creature answered to his action. It’s something special which doesn’t happen frequently.

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