The reunion of a man and his lost doggie after a long break melted viewers’ hearts  

What an unexpected return!

When Jack, the family dog, was lost, his owner was heartbroken. He couldn’t accept the fact that his beloved doggy was missing, however, he was sure that the day of their reunion would come very soon.

He searched for Jack everywhere, but useless. There was no information about him.

Mike, the owner, and Jack were deeply connected to each other, so being away from each other was hard for both of them.

But one day, a miracle happened, when Mike got a call from a vet clinic and was informed that his dog was there.

There’s no need to say what Mike felt at the moment. He was sure that it was his lovely Jack and hurried to see him.

Jack had been found quite far from his house, but he was in excellent health condition. So the only thing remained to do was take him home again.

After being separated for three years, they got a chance to be together again.

Their reunion was really touching!

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