The only wish of the special needs puppy is to love people 

The woman gave her love to the special needs puppy

A woman named Randy Snarr and her boyfriend considered taking the blind and deaf puppy named Petey after seeing his videos.

Many people wouldn’t like to have such a puppy, but his foster mom told, that Petey was like any other puppy.

After seeing Petey Randy understood his only wish was to love people. And people immediately fell in love with Petey after seeing him.

But before taking Petey the woman wanted to know if his puppy named Tucker and Petey would become friends. But as it turned out Randy had no cause for concern.

They quickly befriended and it was awesome.

Although Petey couldn’t hear or see, but it doesn’t disturb him.

Randy told, that with the help of the puppy, they became affectionate, caring and learned a lot of new things. He has become a member of the family.

What an adorable and sweet puppy! Thank you for helping him. You’re an absolutely kind person.

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