The lovable baby seal surprised the divers with a kiss

There are many beautiful things in the world

Recently a group of divers captured an adorable video and it became popular on the Internet. It captured a sweet moment between a little seal and one of the divers. The baby seal approaches the divers. He appeared to be very sociable and active.

The divers were amazed by the seal’s actions. The baby seal wet close to one of the divers and kissed him.

And after this he also communicates with other divers and receives kissed from them. Then he happily left the divers.

And later the divers noticed they were surrounded by a pack of seals. It appeared like they sent the baby seal to approach the divers, as they knew they would be adored by his cute appearance. They have no fear and watched the divers with curious eyes.

There are many seals, penguins, whales and dolphins in Puerto Madryn. So it’s a usual thing to see marine animals. But the kiss from the marine animal is a special thing, which shows they are friendly and want to befriend with people.

There are many beautiful things in our world.

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